Rope Playground Equipment from Tayplay

Pyramid Activity Net

Description: Active Rope Pyramid

Products: Active 2000, Active 3000, Active 4000, Active 4000 Bridge, Active 5000, Active 6000, Active 8000, Twin Active 4000 and Twin Active 6000.

Features: 18mm Braided Nylon Rope, Stainless Steel Mast, Aluminium HD Connectors.


Description: Telescopic Floating Mast

Products: Three Legged Levitator, Four Legged Levitator Five Legged Levitator.

Features: 16mm Braided Nylon Rope, Stainless Steel Telescopic Mast, Stainless Steel Legs, HILTI Bolts.

Rotating Cone Climber

Description: Rotating Cone Climber

Products: CC1800, CC2400, CC3000, Tredsafe, and Diamond.

Features: 16mm Braided Nylon Rope, Stainless Steel Mast, Internal SS Bearings, Security Bolts.

Timber Rope Playground Equipment

Description: Rope Only Play Net Series

Products: Activity Logs, Timber Fort, Timber Crawl, Up & Over Net and Timber Cone

Features: Rope Only, 16mm Braided Nylon Rope, Small Aluminium Alloy Connector, End Fittings to suit your framework.

Custom Made Rope Net

Description: Custom Made Rope Net

Products: Small Nets to Large Protects - No Specific Quantity Required

Features: Made to measurement, End Fittings to suit your framework and a selection of different materials.

Scramble & Cargo Netting

Description: Scramble Netting

Products: Scramble Net, Cargo Net, Rope Net, Inclined Access Net, Climbing Net, Mesh Net, Twisted Net, Timber Clad Climber 1, Timber Clad Climber 2 & Honeycomb Net.

Features: Choice of Colours, Choice of Materials, Choice of End Fittings.

Rope & Timber Play Bridges

Description: Rope Bridge

Products: Suspension Bridge, U-Bridge, V-Bridge, Timber Bridge, Plastic Bridge, Slackline, Clatter, Access, Wobble, V-Type Burma and tunnels

Features: Hardwood timber, Choice of Colours and End Fittings.

Rope Play Trail Equipment

Desciption: Variety of Rope Net Types

Products: Scramble Net, Bridge, X-Rope, Spider Web, Rope Hammock, Traverse Net, Trapeze Swings, Hanging Ropes, Hanging Logs, Single Ropes & Ladders.

Features: Choice of materials, easy install & low maintenance.

Tayplay Outlet Stock

Description: Outlet Stock

Products: Scramble Nets, Bridges, Single Ropes and More. 

Features: One off Stock.  For more information, please ask.