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Contact Us

Whether you have a little question, are looking for a quote for a Cone Climber or want to discuss that amazing rope project you have in mind, leave us a message below and one of our friendly team will get in touch with you soon!

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Tayplay Limited

Office Address:
Suite D, Riverview House, Friarton Road, Perth, PH2 8DF, Scotland (UK)

Factory Address:
13A Riverview Business Park, Friarton Road, Perth, PH2 8DF, Scotland (UK)

Opening Hours: MON-THU: 0815 – 1700 FRI: 0815 – 1300 SAT-SUN: Closed

Tel: +44 (0)1738 449084

Company No: SC 148074
VAT Reg. No: GB 607 7145 43


Our Team

  • Bruce Falconer

    Global Sales Manager
    LinkedIn: Click Here

    After working for 15 years in the Music Industry, I joined Tayplay just as Covid hit in 2020.  After 15 months of lockdown, I am now out meeting our wonderful customers. I am generally found on the golf course, listening to loud & repetitive music, eating homegrown produce from my garden. Jumped out of a plane once, and spent a fabulous 5 days building my own guitar from 5 blocks of wood.

  • Rob Wilson

    Operations Manager
    LinkedIn: Click Here

    Been at Tayplay for 15 years, & still enjoy working here!  Like playing most sports, particularly rugby, & getting into the great outdoors. Love music, & can be caught singing, whistling, humming & tapping to most tunes (sorry Gwynn).  I also have a real passion for travelling, & photography.

  • Robbie Lyall

    Production Manager
    LinkedIn: Click Here

    It’s all in the detail! My interests include anything with 2 wheels & 2 legs: motorbike racing, cycling & running, anything to push physical strength & endurance.  Talking of strenuous,  this includes taking my two daughters on days out to have fun. Help!

  • Andrew Little

    Design Engineering Manager
    LinkedIn: Click Here

    Tayplay’s social media voice. Product Design graduate at The University of Dundee – thesis focused on ‘child play & communication’; Sports hobbyist: Field hockey, running, & cycling; industrial design, illustration and photography.

  • Daniel Monteiro

    Design Engineer
    LinkedIn: Click Here

    Engineered in the energy, automotive and medical sectors, and now having some real fun at Tayplay! After doing custom design products and general light IT maintenance in the office (while singing and whistling along with Rob) you can find me enjoying the Scottish roads, hills and lochs. Also fluent in Portuguese, French, & Norwegian.

  • Francisco Galindo

    Sales Coordinator

    Born in Spain; living in Scotland for 10 years. Tourism graduate in Madrid, and a historical writer. I cycled both Spain and Scotland, north to south. I’m always ready for an adventure! Proudly raising a Scottish daughter.  Also fluent in Spanish.

  • Martin Hodge

    Stock Inventory Control

    Having worked for Tayplay for sixteen years my roles have changed: production, 18mm production supervisor, & now Stock Inventory Control. When I’m not working; I’m hanging out with my two awesome sons, running, at the gym, nerding out over films, & telling bad dad jokes.

  • Gregor Whyte

    Product Designer
    LinkedIn: Click Here

    After completing my masters in Product Design & Innovation at the University of Strathclyde, I have joined the Tayplay team. I am continuing to learn, design & create in a fun & playful environment. Some of my recent personal design work is exhibited in the Beijing Design & Technology Museum. When I’m not working, I enjoy: gaming, bowls, skiing, football & family-time.

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