Our Team

  • Peter Will

    Managing Director
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    I’ve been at Tayplay since I left college in 1996, it’s the only place I’d like to work, or it’s the only place that will hold me! A passionate paraglider, I now have two little daughters who keep me busy. Free time is dedicated to cycling: commuting, walks in local clubs and time trials; snowboard when possible.

  • Bruce Falconer

    Global Sales Manager
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    New to Play & Leisure, after 15 years working in the Music Industry. Listen to anything loud & repetitive. I am generally found on the golf course, at a gig, or working my way through gardening jobs, eating homegrown produce from the vegetable plots. Jumped out of a plane once, and spent a fabulous 5 days building my own guitar from 5 blocks of wood.

  • Rob Wilson

    Operations Manager
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    Been at Tayplay for 15 years, & still enjoy working here!  Like playing most sports, particularly rugby, & getting into the great outdoors. Love music, & can be caught singing, whistling, humming & tapping to most tunes (sorry Gwynn).  I also have a real passion for travelling, & photography.

  • Gwynn Edwards

    Sales & Accounts Manager
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    Modern Languages Graduate – French, German, Spanish & Italian. English too!  Tudor history, music boffin & grammar police.  Also love Hispanic music & dance. Flamenco most recently (no photographs, phew), salsa’s next! Any remaining energy is devoted to my 2 daughters.

  • Robbie Lyall

    Production Manager
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    It’s all in the detail! My interests include anything with 2 wheels & 2 legs: motorbike racing, cycling & running, anything to push physical strength & endurance.  Talking of strenuous,  this includes taking my two daughters on days out to have fun. Help!

  • Andrew Little

    Design Engineer Manager
    LinkedIn: Click Here

    Tayplay’s social media voice. Product Design graduate at The University of Dundee – thesis focused on ‘child play & communication’; Sports hobbyist: Field hockey, running, & cycling; industrial design, illustration and photography.

  • Nick Plunkett

    Product Design
    LinkedIn: Click Here

    Product Design graduate at the highly reputable Glasgow School of Art. Bass Guitarist. Regularly volunteer on the community island of Eigg.

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