The Venture - Timber Fort Tunnel

Tayplay worked with charity organisation The Venture to design and produce a timber tunnel and ladder system for their timber play fort.  The Venture then secured the net using 50 mesh nylon safety netting.  Tayplay calculated the fixed and variable loads for the nets.

The Venture for over 30 years, have played a key role in the Wrexham community, promoting "a Child's right to play, is a child's first claim in the local community (David Lloyd George, 1929)".  With our shared values, this was a great opportunity for the two companies to work together on a new play structure.  We really appreciate the kind words by Rob and the Venture, and we look forward to working on rope nets for their next play structure.

If you need to develop any rope nets, bridge structure, or have any questions regarding the design of this project, please do not hesitate to contact us.