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The Tayplay Group

Founded in 1994, by Anne and Andrew Hoddle (Now with our international friends Kaebel Leisure, Australia), Tayplay have developed into the United Kingdom’s number one supplier of rope playground equipment, manufacturing hundreds of net products, shipped worldwide every year.

One of our greatest assets is our ability is to hold onto the finest talent: to train, enhance and further our valued team.  Experience ranging from 3 years to 20 years, with skills in: woodworking, joinery, product, civil and mechanical design engineering, CAD design service for both our standard and bespoke product ranges, linguistics skills in French, German, Spanish, Italian and English, and hobbies in paragliding, cycling, dancing, climbing and running.  

Peter Will : Managing Director : Technical

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Have been with Tayplay since leaving university in 1996, it’s the only place I’d want to work, or is it the only place which will put up with me! An avid paragliding nut, I now have two young daughters who keep me busy instead. Spare time is taken up with cycling: commuting, local club rides & time trials; snowboarding when possible.

Iain Wilson : Executive Director : Sales

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Enjoy the buzz of building & strengthening a good customer relationship.  Football coach of APFC 2006. Organised charity golf event in 2014, which raised over £12,000. Support ice hockey team Dundee CCS Stars, with son Declan.  Amateur weatherman, Windy Wilson, with 100k dedicated followers on Facebook & Twitter.

Gwynneth Edwards : Manager : Sales & Accounts 

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Modern Languages Graduate - French, German, Spanish & Italian. English too!  Tudor history & music boffin.  Also love Hispanic music & dance. Flamenco most recently (no photographs, phew), salsa's next! Any remaining energy is devoted to my 2 daughters, & our mutt, Milly McSoper.

Robert Wilson : Manager : Operations

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Been at Tayplay for 13 years, & still enjoy working here!  Like playing most sports, particularly rugby, & getting into the great outdoors. Love music, & can be caught singing, whistling, humming & tapping to most tunes (sorry Gwynn).  I also have a real passion for travelling, & photography.

Robbie Lyall : Manager : Production

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It’s all in the detail! My interests include anything with 2 wheels & 2 legs: motorbike racing, cycling & running, anything to push physical strength & endurance.  Talking of strenuous,  this includes taking my two daughters on days out to have fun. Help!

Andrew Little : Design Engineer : Design

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Innovative Product Design graduate, University of Dundee - thesis focused on 'child play & communication'; Sports hobbyist: Field hockey, running, & cycling; industrial design, illustration and photography

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