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Rope Material & Colour Options

Tayplay products are manufactured from 6-strand, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm and 22mm, steel reinforced ropes in a variety of colours & fibres (IRFC / FC).  Our standard colours are beige/gold, black, blue, green (natural & neon), red, yellow, grey, orange & purple. (For orders over 500m, we can get any colour of rope manufactured.)  Mix and match rope colours to your specification:

16mm Braided Nylon Rope (e.g. Cone Climbers)

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16mm MFP Rope (e.g. Basic Custom Made Nets): 

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18mm Braided Nylon Rope (e.g. Activity Nets):

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Material Specification

We highly recommend the use of Braided Nylon Rope, due to its specially woven structure, which produces a durable and extremely soft covering.  We also offer Polypropylene Split Film (PPSF), for basic product specification & Multifilament Polypropylene / PP-Multi (MFP), for a softer feel, designed specifically for the playground & leisure environment.  For Cone Climbers we only use 16mm braided nylon, and for our Activity Pyramid Nets we use 18mm Braided Nylon.

For safe working load on the rope, and implicating fixings, please contact Tayplay for more information.


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