Residential Play Trail - Jane Gritt

Tayplay were asked by Jane Gritt, to design and manufacture rope elements in a garden residential play area, for her son with Autism.  Planning and design of the play area were taking on by Jane.  Unlike designing commercial playgrounds, with CAD Blocks/3D models exchanged, this was back to the basics: sketching, emailing and phone calls.  This was simple, quick and it is forms of communication anyone can achieve.  Tayplay offer helpful deisgn sheets, allowing you to gather all the information yourself.

Her nets were made up of 5 different components: Wobble Bridge, Scramble Net, Traverse Net, Trapeze Swings and Spider Net.  The basic sketches are then turned into production sheets.  It doesn't matter if it is residential or commercial, the same level of professionalism will be met.

From initial planning, to delivery of the nets, this met our standard 4 week lead time.  We must thank Jane Gritt for the feedback and photographs through Facebook. 

"Fantastic service, quality and delivery from Tayplay ! Very impressed - special thanks go to Iain for all his help in arranging and sorting our order for us." "Thank you again - really easy set up , great measurements and very, very happy! As is our son who has autism." - Jane Gritt

What an amazing playground she has created for her son.  Do you think you could do similar?