Woodthemes & Tayplay - Bespoke Rope Netting

Tayplay collaborate worldwide with customers from Africa, America, Asia, Europe and more than most back home in the United Kingdom.  One of our clients back home in the UK is Woodthemes, design and manufacturers of timber playground structures for local authorities, schools and small communities.  They work closely with families to get the most for their children.  By coming to Tayplay, they get the quality and security of a Tayplay Rope Product, which is a key specification for any playground. 

Woodthemes use the full Tayplay service, which includes:

TÜV Certified Product Line: Pyramid Activity Nets, Rotating Cone Climbers or Levitator.

Bespoke Rope Playground Nets: Bridges, Tunnels, Rope Nets or Play Trail Items. (CAD/Solidworks services are available)

Repair & Replace:  Replacing old playground equipment with new rope play netting.

Director for Woodthemes, Colin Overall, explains:

"It's good to have quality, robust rope products to compliment our range of play and landscape installations. Standard or bespoke items are usually catered for"

Tayplay enjoy collaborating with Woodthemes and look forward to helping on the next rope playground project.  For more information on Woodthemes, please visit their website: www.woodthemes.co.uk.