Crowdsourced Non-Profit Play Area

Tayplay worked with worldwide, Non-Profit Organisation, Young Life, in upgrading their existing DIY rope bridges.  Such upgrades made the build easier for the young adults involved and guartenteed a safer playing experience for those who would use the playground for years to come.

Project Engineer for Young Life, Brent Wolff, explained:

Young Life has been doing Service Project in Eastern European countries for the past 15 years.  This last year we returned to Macedonia in the area around Strumica.  We had 238 kids and leaders from London England, Brussels Belgium, Munich Germany and Basel Switzerland.  The kids paid their own way to come using their Spring Break vacations to help repair, paint and build new playgrounds in 6 communities around and in Strumica.  The kids had a great time working and playing with the local kids. Always a great time when you can serve and learn in a new culture.

It was a privilige to be involved in an exciting, successful crowdsourced project, which got the children building their own playground.