Playground Equipment - Rope, Repair and Replace

With budgets being cut, customers are looking for alternative means to restoring playgrounds. We offer an in house repair facility where we analyse the damage sustained and offer quotations based upon three available options:

Option One: Quick and simple 'Cut & Shut' locates the damages sustained to the net and replaces this specific area for a new rope section replaced in the same area.  This is more suited to jobs where vandalism to the net has taken place.

Option Two: The more complicated 'Replacement', uses existing drawings, or re-measures your current rope nets and makes a like for like replacement.  This is for nets that have sustained large amounts of damage from high levels of use or due to the lifeline of the product.  All nets are re-measured before sending out to ensure an accurate fit.

Option Three: Individual Components - If all you require is an individual component, have a look at the following list of components, and get in touch with what you require.

Watch the video below or visit our photo gallery of repaired bridges and nets.  Take the first step in repairing your Rope Playground: contact us.


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