Cone Climber Bearing Installation

When we receive the bearing and stump, they come pre-assembled, so we know they fit.  Please watch the video, and following description, detailing this process:

When fitting the bearing it is important to make sure that the taper lock sleeve (this is the part that the nut and washer fit onto at the top) is slack in the bearing at the top.  If it is not, fit the nut on a few threads and gently tap it down into the bearing until it is fully slack, it cannot fall inside.

Both the sleeve and top bearing bore are tapered, the nut pulls the two tapers together thus contracting the bore of the split sleeve to grip the shaft. However if the sleeve is to far up in the bearing on assembly the bore will be to too tight and it will grip the shaft when assembled and the more you try to fit it the tighter it will become as it tries to slide into the taper of the bearing.

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