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Tayplay Rope Playground Equipment - Design & Manufacturing

Founded in 1994, by Anthony and Andrew Hoddle (Now with our friends Kaebel Leisure in Australia), Tayplay have developed into the United Kingdom’s number one supplier of rope playground equipment, manufacturing hundreds of net products, shipped worldwide every year.  Over the past two decades, the use of steel reinforced ropes have developed from their origins on offshore projects to becoming a key manufacturer in the playground and leisure industries, competing with the German market: Corocord (Kompan), Berliner and Huck.

Our Research and Development programme is striving for the most adventurous, yet safest playgrounds, improving on existing products and increasing on our current top selling Pyramid Activity Nets (Spacenet/Mountain Net), Levitator and Rotating Cone Climber (Rotaweb, Witches hat) product lines.

We pride ourselves in supplying quality, safety and individuality with each bespoke order.  As we are a fairly small company, we deal well with the flexibility to each clients needs.  Contact us, and our technical/design team will use their experience in turning your sketch into a rope product, with certified end fittings and based on TUV safety standards.

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